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SMS88-P5 NO+NC HC PR Магнитные датчики безопасности

0.0/5 оценка (0 голосов)
Rated operational voltage Ue: 24 Vac/dc
Rated operational current Ie: 0.25A
Max switching load: 6W (resistive load)
Function: NO+NC (with magnetic actuator present)
Termal current ITh: 0.25A
Rated insulation voltage Ui: 120Vac
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp: 1.5KV
Electrical endurance: 1 million of cycles
Assured operating
distance Sao:
5 mm with target AMS88-P5 and 8 mm with target AMS88-P8
Assured release distance Sar: 15 mm with target AMS88-P5 and 20 mm with target AMS88-P8
Repeat accurancy: < 10%
Switching distance: 200Hz
Response time: <10ms
SIL level (SIL CL): up to SIL3 according to IEC 62061 e EN 62061
Performance level (PL): up to PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1
Safety category: up to 4 according to EN ISO 13849-1
B10d for each channel: 400.000 cycles (full load: DC12, 24V, 0.25A) e 20.000.000 of cyles ( with AECO safety Module)
Conformig to the standard: EN 60947-1, IEC 60947-1, EN 60947-5-1, IEC 60947-5-1, EN 60947-5-2, IEC 60947-5-2, EN 60947-5-3 , IE
Conforms to the directives: 2006/42/EC - Machinery Directive and 2014/30/EU - Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
Temperature limits: -25 ÷ +80°C
Protection degree: IP67
Pollution degree: 3
Schock resistance: 30gn -11ms according to IEC 60068-2-27 and EN 60068-2-27
Vibrations resistance: 10gn-(10 ... 150Hz) according to IEC 60068-2-6 and EN 60068-2-6
Housing material: PBT +FV



  • Артикул: QMP000063
  • Размеры: 25X88X13
  • Номинальное рабочее напряжение Ue: 24 Vac/dc
  • Заданное расстояние срабатывания Sar: 5 мм с AMS88-P5 и 8 мм с AMS88-P8
  • Max коммутируемая нагрузка: 6W (резистивная нагрузка)
  • Категория безопасности: IP67