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MS-ER MA R01 120 Модули безопасности

MS-ER MA R01 120
0.0/5 оценка (0 голосов)
Rated supply voltage (Un): 120 VAC
Outputs function: 3NO+1NC
Performance Level (PL): Up to PL e
Safety Integrity Level (SIL CL): Up to SIL 3
Safety Category: Up to category 4
MTTDd: 2-channel configuration: 156 years - 1-channel configuration: 77 years
Diagnostic Coverage (DC): 2-channel configuration: HIGH - 1-channel configuration: NONE
Service time: 20years according to EN ISO 13849-1
Conforming to standards: EN60947-1, IEC60947-1, EN60947-5-1, IEC60947-5-1, EN60947-5-2, IEC60947-5-2, EN60947-5-3, IEC60947-5
Conforming to directive: 2006/42/CE-Direttiva Macchine e 2014/30/UE-Direttiva CEM
Approvals: EC-Type Examination Certificate n° IMQ CR 475 DM
Rated supply voltage (Un): 120 VAC
LED power supply (PWR): RED color - If ON the power supply is present
Max current for input: < 30 mA
Minimum duration of START impulse: < 250 ms
Activation time: < 300 ms
Releasing time: < 15 ms
Simultaneity time: Infinity
Short circuit protection: PTC resistor, Ih=0.5 A
PTC time: Operation for > 100 ms, Reset > 3 s
CH1 status indicator LED: GREEN color -ON STATE if the channel 1 is operating
CH2 status indicator LED: GREEN color -ON STATE if the channel 2 is operating
Output contacts: 3 NO safety contacts + 1 NC auxiliary contact
Output contacts type: Forcibly guided
Output contacts material: Gold-flashed Ag-Ni alloy
Output contacts max. swithing voltage : 250 VAC, 30 VDC
Output contacts max. swithing current: 6:00 AM
Output contacts free air thermal current : 6:00 AM
Output contacts protection fuse: 6 A tipo F
Output contacts max. swithing power: 1500 VA, 180 W
Output contacts utilization category: AC15: Ue=230 V, Ie=3 A - DC13: Ue=24 V, Ie=3 A
Ambient temperature: -25 °C ÷ +55 °C (Operating) / -25 °C ÷ +55 °C (Storage)
Mechanical endurance: >10 million of cycles
Electrical endurance: >100.000 cycles
Pollution degree: 3 (external) e 2 (Interno)
Rated impulse voltage (Uimp): 4 kV
Rated insulation voltage (Ui): 250 V
Overvoltage category: III
Housing material: Polyamide PA66 Vo class according to UL94
Protection degree: IP40 (outside) e IP20 (inside)
Cable cross section: 0.2 ÷ 2.5 mq o 24 ÷ 12 AWG
Clemp Tightening torque: 0.5 ÷ 0.6 Nm
Dimensions: 22.5 x 99 x 111.5 mm
Weigth: 250g



  • Артикул: QMS000002
  • Номинальное напряжение питания (Un): 120 VAC
  • Класс безопасности: до SIL 3
  • Категория безопасности: до 4 категории